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Hotel Serra d’Aire

A city full of charm

Fatima is the city of the peace, is a place of emotions with a constant presence, generous and unique, and is linking us to the earth, is a hand that holds us, is the refugee of those looking more than happiness but the peace that only the Mother can offer.

Discover hidden places that you cannot even imagine. There is still very much to discover. Come and find it.

The Hotel Serra d’Aire offers the resting you need. All the experiences will be always unique, even if you repeat them.

The Mysterious side of the Serra de Aire

The Serra dos Candeeiros Natural Park is marked by several rock formations and limestone caves, which occupy part of the districts of Leiria and Santarém. It is one of the Portuguese elevations closest to the coast and offers a magnificent landscape where the sea and the mountain intertwine.

The Mysterious side of the Serra de Aire, is the largest natural habitat of hundreds of species, which you can see from the bat-shag and dozens of birds; even the red-billed crane, owl-real, sparrowhawk and several species of owls among other animals, as well as reptiles and amphibians.

The Serra de Aire and Candeeiros allow you to discover nature very close to Fatima.


There are several caves near the city of Fátima that you cannot miss. These include the caves of Moeda, the caves of Mira de Aire and the caves of Santo António and Alvados.
In them you will discover spectacular spaces full of stalactites and stalagmites that turn them into beautiful art galleries.

Batalha Monastery

It is one of the best and most original examples of late Gothic architecture in Portugal, today is a symbol of national pride. It is worth mentioning the abundance of pediments, spires and buttresses, which pleasantly surprise visitors.

Wax Museum

Located very close to the Sanctuary, in it you will discover the history of the children of Fátima and the most important historical events that took place in the city. It is one of the first wax museums in Portugal.